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Listing is free!

You can list you events for free with - our audience is currently strongest in the UK and the US though growing fast in europe. We list pretty much every type of event (see the exclusions list below).

We’re planning an events submission form for you to list single or repeating events, but for the first few weeks after launch we’re focusing on large event feeds. Follow our facebook fan page or twitter feed to find out when you can individually list events.

XML/CSV feeds

We're happy taking in XML feeds of events (especially if they have deeplinks to tickets with an affiliate tracking code (hint hint) and all the core information (what/when/where) as well as a description). We can accept CSV extracts if you're not able to provide feeds in XML, and if you're a fairly low tech operation then we can probably work something out with spreadsheets, morse code or scribbled on the back of an envelope.

As hinted at above, we're keen to list events with affiliated sales but this isn't mandatory. Our goal is to be as complete and accurate as possible, and then let people find what they want as easily as possible.

Before you submit your event feed to us, please check that you’re not a duplicate of one of the existing event lists, and that you are not an affiliate of a ticket vendor.

Exclusions & special arrangements

Sorry, but we don't currently accept listings for (and reserve the right to refuse):
  • Anything which promotes or organises illegal activity
  • Anything which promotes persecution, racism, discrimination or any kind of hate
  • Anything based at someone's private residence - try instead for organising book clubs, home poker nights etc etc
  • Anything which involves adult sexual activity
  • Recruitment for Network Marketing/Multi Level Marketing/Whatever Else You're Calling Yourselves These Days schemes, or any type of 'gifting scheme'. Try and list one of these, and we'll send the boys round. Seriously.
  • Direct links to online gambling sites, sites containing pornography, sites containing malware, sites selling pharmaceuticals, endowment-enlargers or mail order brides.
  • Links to any event site known to be a scam or under investigation by the police or relevant authorities
  • Anything else we think is a bit dodgy


UK & US live poker tournaments can list with who share their data with us (it's also worth you sending poker festival listings to as well). We may list an occasional online tournament but these are few and far between, we have no plans to list any more at the moment, and please believe us when we say that if we want to list your online poker tournament, we'll contact you.)

To list your events, use the contact form from the top right hand side of the main page on